Introducing a Free Webinar on Predictable Food Safety Outcomes

On Tuesday 20th February, Klipspringer Director, Alex Carlyon was joined by Denis Treacy, former Chief Officer for Safety and Quality at Pladis Global, Lars Turner, Sales Director at FoodClean, and Reineke van Riemsdijk, Technical Quality Manager and Sustainability Lead at Nestlé Nespresso S.A, to discuss the way in which positive energy can be harnessed to secure predictable food safety outcomes. During the webinar, Denis revisited his Four Energies methodology and explained the principle of GOYA. The panel also explored the best approach to positive decision making, along with the secret to effective target setting. You can watch the full webinar below.


Denis Treacy

Former Chief Officer for Safety and Quality, Pladis Global

Alex Carlyon

Director, Klipspringer

Reineke van Riemsdijk

Technical Quality Manager & Sustainability Lead at Nestlé Nespresso S.A

Lars Turner

Sales Director, FoodClean

Key webinar areas:

Revisiting the four energies of predictable and repeatable outcomes:





A guide to positive objectives and target setting.

GOYA - operating with positive intent on a daily basis.

The secret to positive decision making when issues occur.

Culture Compass

After 40 years in global FMCG leadership, Denis Treacy founded Culture Compass with the intention of energising a performance culture for individuals, teams, and organisations. Specialising in Safety, Quality, Food Safety, Food Defence, Business Continuity, and Crisis Management, Culture Compass has been securing predictable, sustainable outcomes for almost half a decade.


For over 20 years, Klipspringer has supported thousands of food and beverage production sites across Ireland and the UK. By working closely with industry professionals, we have helped these sites to secure final product integrity and compliance with confidence. Our innovative products and solutions have also helped teams to reach the desired standards of food safety management.

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